Monday, February 27, 2017


   This is a post of gratitude to all of you who read and or follow my blog. This past week my view count surpassed 100,000. Thank you.
   I know I am not the best writer so reaching this goal is an honor. It has taken a couple years to get here. In the beginning, I would get 30 or so hits a day. In the last few months that number has increased to several hundred a day. 
  I write to share hope. I write to let people know that cancer does not have to be a death sentence. I hope that by telling my story it can inpire others to really live each day inspite of serious health issues.
  There is nothing more to say. 
Thank you!!

Monday, February 20, 2017

Springtime needs to hurry and arrive!

   Each year about this time I begin to  feel like a cancer patient. Southwest Washington winters are brutal in their own way. They are not bitter cold like the Midwest. We don't get feet of snow like the east coast. (Actually, this year we did) Winters here are dreary. The sky's are grey. The air is cold but not cold enough to snow. We are assaulted for several months by cold rain, low clouds, and darkness.         
      The human Body needs sunlight to function properly. Without it, our brain does not receive the feel good chemical, serotonin. Lack of serotonin leads to fatigue, depression, and  lethargy.  Today I am the epitome of lethargic. My tan has faded  I look pale and pasty. I feel as though I look like death! 
   Every year, for the last four, during early spring, we have we have hopped on a plane for white sand destinations. Every year but this year.  
   This year we decided to stay home, do some home repairs, and enjoy all the Pacific Northwest has to offer. The northwest seems to offer cold rain or snow this year. I am not complaining. Actually, I am complaining. I need sun. I need warm air. I am really over winter. I think the grey sky and cold rain is affecting my sanity. We bought this yesterday.
Come on summer... get here soon.