Monday, March 18, 2019

Zometa update

I have been off of Zometa for a year and a half. After meeting with an oral specialist I have learned that I will never be able to have dental work involving bone exposure for the rest of my life. I am a high risk for Osteonecrosisis of the jaw bone. I am sharing what I learned at my appointment hoping that this may help others in the decision process prior to starting Zometa and other bone strengthening treatments.
   It was always my understanding that if I required dental work in the future that I could stop Zometa infusions and then have dental work completed. This is not the case. Zometa has a half life of 10 years! Really!!!! Ten years. It stays in your bones that long. Research has shown that no patient should be on the treatment longer than 2 years. I was on it for 5. If you have 6 or less infusions you are considered to be low risk for necrosis. 6-12 infusions puts you in the moderate risk category. Over 12 infusions you are definitely high risk for necrosis. My jaw shows bone density consistent with high risk for necrosis.    
   I cannot stress the need to ask questions when making treatment decisions. I cannot stress the need for second opinions. We must also be diligent about researching potential treatments. 
   I have no doubt that there will one day be a ton of misinformed former Zometa patients filing a class action lawsuit in the future. I can already picture the T.V. Commercial. Were you or someone you love taking the bone strengthener Zometa? Have you at your loved one experienced negative side affects? Blah blah blah. Please call the Law offices Cheatem and Steal. You may be entitled to
   On a positive note, I can still have root canals and fillings, cleanings, and routine dental work that does not require exposing bone of the jaw. I will take care of what I have left, fill in the gaps with a partial denture, and hope that I do not develope gum disease. I wonder how long it will take for jaw bone replacement to become common place.

   In other news, my knee surgery was successful and after a 5 week recovery I am back at work today. Hawaii was a total blast and I found myself checking into real estate on the big island. We finally got the snowmobiles out last weekend and we tore up the mountains. I have decided that my drug of choice is horse power fueled adrenaline. 
   Life is good, live it large. Todd

Sunday, March 3, 2019

February Update

   As the month of March begins I have been told that it is time for an update. I had an oncology appointment a couple of weeks ago and it was rather uneventful. There was no blood work as my Liver and Kidney function must no longer be monitored. I had a PSA test a couple of weeks before so my doctor did not feel that was necessary. He poked and prodded a little, listened to my lungs, and said see you in 4 months. I am not complaining. It just seems so weird. I am simply use to monthly blood draws and appointments. I am use to having my doctor talk to me about what we do next after treatment fails. This is a new chapter in the story and it is very chillax. 
   I had knee surgery 4 weeks ago. I am recovering nicely. It was not a replacement procedure, just a little orthoscopic. clean up of the meniscus. As usual, I am rushing recovery. I tried snow shoeing a couple weeks ago and spent the next to two days on the sofa with an ice pack on my knee. 

   Mandy was worried we would not be able to take the vacation we had been planning for months but everything was okay. We left for Hawaii on the 22nd and returned just last night. We had a wonderful time on the big island. Our youngest daughter was able to join us for a few days and it was nice to see her. The house has been quiet without her living at home. .
   I am beginning to notice subtle changes since going off treatment. Nothing rather shattering. My libido is still in the toilet but I have been having morning glory fairly regularly. That is so weird. My urine stream might be a little weaker. It may also be in my head. My PSA is still at an undetectable level which is nice. I won’t have another blood draw until May. It makes it extremely difficult to write a Prostate Cancer Blog when there is nothing to write about.
   It is 4:30 in the morning and I couldn’t sleep. I don’t know why but here I am sitting in my robe surrounded by cats writing this post. I am sun burned/tanned and peeling and feel fantastic. My inability to sleep must have something to do with time changes and jet lag. We went to bed pretty early Hawaiian time so I suppose that might account for my restlessness.
   Anyway, that is all I have for now. Mahalo