Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Return to Masculinity!

  Boy and how. 
Last night I had a sex dream. The night before I had a sex dream. I swear to little baby Jesus it feels like going through puberty again. I tend to have spontaneous arousal at the most inconvenient times. “ Just like in high school”  ( “Mr. Seals, will you come to the front and work this problem out on the blackboard “) “ No thanks, I will take the zero”
   I have hoped for this day for a long time and now that it is here it’s just weird. I forgot what having libido is like. .
   I never received my testosterone results from my last appointment. I can only speculate that they have recovered somewhat. It’s either that, or in my case, a little goes a long way.
   I have been sleeping better but have been requiring less of it. Yesterday I worked 8 hours and then worked 4 hours on my truck.
   Sadly, body hair has not returned. As long as the hair on my head sticks around, I am fine with that. 
   There is hope that a man diagnosed with advanced PCa  can live a fairly normal life. Don’t give up hope. Stay Positive. 

Thursday, May 9, 2019

Month 155

   Month 155 began yesterday. I also had an Oncology appointment yesterday. My PSA came back at 0.06 up from >0.01 six months ago. I still have a Prostate so neither I nor my Oncologist are too concerned about it. I feel pretty good. It is really awesome to have a break from the hormones. Parts of my body are coming back to life. My Libido is still marginal but that too is showing signs of resurrection. All in all, life is pretty good.
    My Doctor is thrilled that I am doing so well. I am thrilled as well. I am still waiting to find out what my Testosterone is up to. I am fairly certain it has come up. 
   It is really hard to believe that almost 13 years have passed since my DX. It has been a crazy wonderful messed up ride. I would not have missed it for anything. 
   Last week I was honored to take part in a Measure Incubater for Advanced Prostate Cancer in our Nations Capital. National Quality Forums invited me to share my story and patient perspective. There are so many people who work tirelessly trying to make life better for cancer patients. It is very inspiring. I was in D.C. less than 24 hours. There was very little time for sight seeing or socializing. I still managed to make new friends. I never have so many friends that I can’t use another.
   The rest of the Month of May will be tough. I will be working long hours, trying to get our truck ready for traveling, and trying to get our house prepped for the water damage to be repaired. I can’t wait for summer to arrive. I need a vacation. Todd