Wednesday, June 6, 2018

12 Years

Today is my 12 year anniversary since diagnosis. I find myself thinking “WOW, has it really been 12 years.” It has! 12 amazing wonderful years. 12 Years I was not suppose to have. Time has flown by. Nothing much has changed and yet everything has changed.
   When I was diagnosed the future was uncertain. It still is but life goes on. At diagnosis my PSA was 3200  and metastasis was everywhere. Today both PSA and Metastasis are undetectable. I have been on 6 different medications over the years. I have had tremendous success with all of them.To date I have been on Lupron, D.E.S., Casodex, Provenge, Zytiga with Prednisone, and Zometa for bone strength. I have been on Zytiga for 57 months now. I have been on Lupron for 12 Years. 
   The summer of ‘06 was a rough one. The entire summer it seems was spent being scanned and probed. Uncertainty was the norm. It was a time of spiritual and emotional growth. 
   I am happy to still be here among the living while so many of my friends are not. Research has come along way in the last 12 Years but there is still much to do. We cannot rest until no man ever dies of prostate cancer.