Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Another Christmas

  Night before last was Christmas Eve. The sand in the hour glass seems to fall so much faster than it use to. My dad has been gone for two years now. Sometimes I just want to grab on to the moments but they slip away into tomorrow. My first born granddaughter is a teenager. Life has become quiet. Peace surrounds our home. I am slowly heading towards old age. 
   Today we ventured up the mountain to see the fresh snow and embrace the beauty of our home. While we were up there our daughter snapped this picture. We live in such a beautiful place.


   Cancer brought so much positive change to my life. It is my greatest frenemy. Still, there is much work to do. Sometimes I don’t understand how I can have two daughters who adore me and two sons who will not speak to me. Christmas is bitter sweet. It is difficult seeing only half my family. 
   We were blessed with 2 inches of fresh snow Christmas Eve. It was so beautiful. White Christmas is very uncommon in the Pacific Northwest. I can’t remember ever waking to snow on Christmas Day. I’m sure it has happened but I don’t remember. 
   After gifts were open and breakfast was over, Mandy and I went snowshoeing. It is kind of our Christmas tradition. 

   Our daughter just called. She wants to adopt a dog. Decisions, decisions. Maybe it is a good thing. Our 15 year old black lab is losing control of his back legs and he has been a constant companion to our 10 year old German Shepherd since she was a puppy. It will break my heart to put him down but what else can I do. Time marches on