Saturday, March 31, 2018

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Zometa and The Dentist.

  Last week I went to O.H.S.U. Dental School to see about getting my teeth fixed. The condition of my teeth embarrasses me. If  I had known I was going to live so long I would have taken better care of my teeth. Actually, aside from one that cannot be repaired, most of my teeth are in pretty good shape. When I was 16 I had crowding issues. 4 of my molars had to be pulled. Braces followed. When I was in my 30’s I did not have dental insurance and a couple teeth had to be pulled. Last July while eating a milk dud, I lost a crown and it cannot be repaired. (Note to self: “Milk duds are bad for crowns” ) Huge bummer. I have to have an implant. $$$ Dental schools are 40% less to have work done. They also are covered by my insurance. I can have all the required work done for 1/2 the cost of what an implant would cost at my usual dentist.
    As a patient with advanced Prostate Cancer, any work requiring bone access is complicated. I am on Zometa to keep my bones strong. In order to get dental work done I have to be off of Zometa for 4 months before treatment and 4 months after treatment. I will be forced to forego Zometa for the rest of the year.
    Today I am at the Oncologist for my Tri-annual checkup, I am not seeing the oncologist. I will see the P.A. My Dr. Does not feel the need to see me as my condition is stable. Usually I receive Lupron, Zometa, and have my Labs drawn all in the same day but today will be infusion free. Thank God! I hate I.V.’s  My only concern is the dreaded PSA test. You would think that after 12 years I would be use to it by now but it always stresses me out. 

    Well, it is the day after my appointment. Everything was normal except my blood pressure is becoming an issue and as always my potassium level is borderline low. My blood pressure 150/100. I guess I will have to go back on medication to control it. My PSA came back less than 0.01. Once again I am at undetectable levels. Life is good.
   We are currently in the process of Home remodeling. We have been so for over a month. Soon our projects will be wrapping up and life can return to normal. Maybe then I will be able to write again. That’s all for now. Todd