Monday, November 4, 2013

Hunting season psa and other stuff

Tonight I am a bachelor. Normally this time of year Mandy would be a hunters widow and trust me, for much of the next two weeks she will be, but tonight I am alone and it feels weird. Since our wedding, 61/2 years ago we have only spent 1 night apart. We share everything. We are each others best friend. I am worried about her. Tonight she is a chaperone for a sophomore biology field trip to a place called  Rialto beach on the Olympic peninsula. It is November and it is pouring rain and the wind is blowing and she and our daughter are sleeping in a tent. I miss her. I am sure she is fine but I still worry. I wish she would call me.
   I had some really good news this week on the Prostate Cancer front. My P.S.A. has dropped again. It is now 0.70. This is the lowest it has been in 4 years. It seems the Zytiga is working. The Provenge will help the Zytiga and I will keep fighting. I am excited but I am also exhausted so my true feelings may  not show through my words. I hunted hard today. I did not see a single elk. By the time I got home I was chilled to the bone and soaking wet. Elk hunting is so much easier when you have hunting partners but I hunt with my dad and he is 71 and needs a double knee replacement. Needless to say he has a hard time getting out of the truck. Most of my hunting is done alone. It is really nice to have him waiting at the bottom of the hill with a warm truck and a cup of hot coffee. (or a nip of crown royal to warm the bones.) I know this or the next year maybe the year after will be my last to hunt with my dad. I am going to ride this ride as long as it lasts. My dad is an amazing man. I didn't get his height but we look so much alike. He is 6' tall. I am 5'6" I took after my 5'1" mother. lol He and my mom are both wonderful parents and I have always been proud to be their son. Elk season may not be fruitful this year but we will do our best and hope for a little luck. No matter what it is a good time shared with family. I am going to bed now. Life should slow down soon and I will have much more time to write. Goodnight, Todd