Monday, April 7, 2014


In 2006 my Psa stood at 3216. It took a little over a year for Hormone Therapy to drop it to an undetectable level. It was at this point that I entered the zero club. The zero club is a club that every man with prostate cancer wants to be in. If there is no Psa there is no Cancer. You see, not only did my Psa drop to an undetectable level but C/T and bone scans revealed that the tumors had also shrunk to undetectable levels. I still had microscopic cancer in my body but I was in as complete a remission as a stage 4 terminal cancer patient could hope for. It lasted 18 months. It was during this time that I began to believe I had beaten it all together. I was doing so well that I was even allowed a break from treatment that lasted an entire year.  It didn't last. 33 months into the journey, my membership in the zero club was revoked. My Psa had risen obove 0.05 and it just kept on rising. Mid way through year number 5 it had risen to around 100. The tumors in my lungs were back. It was at this time that I was infused with Provenge. After my infusion I took Casodex to drop my Psa. It dropped and the Provenge gave me 14 side effect free, progression free months. When my Psa hit 28 I went on Zytiga. 9 months into this treatment I am once again in the zero club. Friggin Amazing!!!!! 
  I have never been a statistic kind of guy but I really have to wonder about this one. I mean let's face it the odds of getting back into the club at month 94 seem just a tad slim if you ask me. To say that I am happy is the mother of all under statements. I am elated. This last weekend we celebrated by going to the high desert in Oregon and hiking in the mountains as well as doing a little rock climbing. Nothing too extreme. We do not require rope and D-rings or a climbing harness. It was beautiful. I felt so alive. 

We climbed to the top of a ridge where a large boulder had fallen from above and was perched atop the ridge like an exclamation point. I just had to take a selfy when I was standing next to that rock.

It was a great weekend spent with family and friends. 
   Today as I sat reflecting on the weekend it hit me that my bloodwork really is at an undetectable level. After eight years the cancer is undetectable. All I can say is Glory to God. I spent the weekend in a place so beautiful it takes your breathe away. The water color painted sky could only have been painted by a master artist. I believe in a creator. I know who has blessed me. I just really don't know why. Todd