Sunday, September 21, 2014

A perfect end to summer.

   On this, the last weekend of summer, Amanda, Michaela, and I took advantage of a 90 degree day to burn the last of the fuel out of the boat before putting it away for the winter. As the sun was beginning its long decent to the western horizon we left the willow grove marina on the Columbia River and headed down stream towards the Pacific Ocean. 
   It was a beautiful cloudless evening and the river was as flat and smooth as I have ever seen it. Twenty miles down river we reached our destination. Ninety feet above the river stands "The Villa at Little Cape Horn" an upscale bed and breakfast and the site of our wedding seven years ago. Amanda and I posed for pictures with the Villa behind us before cruising the river bank and the slack water behind the various islands.

   The sun was low in the sky by the time we made it back to the marina. It was a spectacular sunset.

    Summer is over. The forecast calls for a week of rain beginning on Tuesday. Once again the season is changing like someone is flipping a switch. 
   I feel tired and worn down. Something isn't right but I cannot place my finger on it. I have simply had more days in the last week that I have felt sick than days I have felt good. I hope it passes soon. That's all for tonight. Todd