Thursday, December 4, 2014


   Two weeks ago I said goodbye to 50. I am sad to see him go. We only knew each other a year but it was a year of fun and friendships. 
   I first met 50 somewhere in the midst of the Caribbean watching the  Seahawks dismantle the Saints with Mandy at my side and 28 new friends who for the most part were rooting for New Orleans. It was a birthday celebration like no other and one I will never forget. At the start of the game we were surrounded by a sea of black and gold and could not get near the television. By half time we had front row seats. Our new friends were gracious losers that night. God bless the Saints fans.
   As the year went on I realized that 50 was going to be a lot of fun. To be honest it was just like 40 but with a discount. I had to laugh when my aarp card arrived in the  mail. 
   I was not sure I would ever meet fifty. There were those who claimed fifty was not in the cards for me but I guess nobody knows what the future hold except for the future. As time drew close I wasn't sure I wanted to meet him but in the end we became good friends. 
  After a year of hanging out with my good friend "50" I had to say goodbye. I know I will never see him again. In his place I have a new guy to hang out with. His name is "51"! He looks just like 50. I find it hard to tell them apart. His arrival brought with him none of the dread nor any of the pomp and circumstance. It was a quiet evening spent with family when he showed up. He is quiet and laid back. He is perhaps a little more patient and hopefully a little wiser. He is taking Mandy and I to Hawaii in a few months. He is putting me to work paying off bills afterward. 51 seems to worry about stuff like savings accounts, retirement, and debt reduction. 51 is looking to be anal. Time will tell. Thanks again for reading. Todd