Tuesday, January 12, 2016

A new year a renewed resolve.

   2015 is in the rear view mirror. May it rest in peace. I will miss it. It held much joy. It also had its fair share of heartache. I also lost my dad.
   Yesterday, I was able to open an email account that had been locked up for well over a year. Upon opening it, I found emails from friends that did not make it to  2016. Those emails had never been opened. I had never replied. I found lost opportunities to interview people for my blog. Again, no reply. I also found emails from people who had read my blog and had it touch their life. I never replied to those emails as well. 
   As I read the list of lost emails, replying to as many as time would allow, it occurred to me that during the year 2015 I basically checked out. I don't believe I posted to my blog more than a dozen times over the course of the last year. There are a ton of excuses. I started a new job, I was on strike, my dad passed away, but there's always an excuse. There is always a reason not to do something. The truth is that I had grown complacent. I ran out of things to write about that concerned me. I was comfortable living in false sense of undetectable P.S.A. security. I feel like a dick. I could have been writing about things that affect other people. I could have been just a tad bit less self absorbed. 
   I hope that this is a first step in the right direction. 2016 is here and each day is a blank piece of paper. Each day is filled with possibility.