Saturday, June 25, 2016

A new provider

  On July 25 I will visit Dr. Brendan Curti at Providence Cancer Center in Portland, Oregon. It will be the first time I have seen a non Kaiser Permanente Oncologist since my diagnosis. Throughout my treatment I have been limited to seeing a general oncologist. The only non-Kaiser Doctor I have ever seen was when I took a trip to Las Vegas to see Dr. Vogelzang.
   The doctor I see July 25 is not only a specialist in the field of Prostate Cancer but also research physician in the field of immunology. I am excited. 
   We returned from our annual Independence Day vacation on the 13th. It rained at the lake so we packed up after the fireworks and headed to eastern Oregon for a few days. We had a wonderful time at Prineville reservoir. Our dog, Brody, was not a fan of the high desert heat however.

  After a few days skiing and playing in the water we once again packed up and headed to the barn. We opted for a route we had never travelled. We headed east through the town of Sisters Oregon and over the Santiam Pass. Once back on the west side of the Cascade Mountains we stopped at Siver Falls for a 10 mile hike. 

    We got home Saturday evening and packed a bag for a 2 night trip to Southern California where Mandy and I made our mark on Malibu.
Our moment was washed away by the waves a few minutes later. Only the photo remains.
   How quickly the sands of time fly by. One day there will be nothing left to show we were ever here. We are born, we live, we die. When we are gone the memory lingers for a while and then it is gone as well. All that matters is how we lived and what we left behind. 
   The waterfalls we saw have been flowing over the rocks for thousands and thousands of years. Their song echoes through the valley. Beautiful! Cancer can wait!
   I see my new Doctor in 5 days. My goal is to go off treatment. If the opinion of Dr. Curti is the same as my current Oncologist I will get the Lupron shot I am 3 weeks late for. 
   I promised Mandy 30 years. I will do whatever it takes to keep my promise.

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