Tuesday, November 22, 2016

We get to eat this year

   Before I begin, I must apologize for not writing in almost a month. I actually started to write several times but the blogger app on my phone would not work. Tonight I upgraded to a new app  so hopefully I will be writing a little more consistently.
  Elk season 2016 was a huge success. Not only did I get to hunt with my daughter for the first time but I also got an elk.

     Mandy was a vegetarian when I met her. 
I have always been more of a meat and potatoes kind of guy. The reason for her animosity toward meat was her disgust at the treatment of animals on factory farms. We found a compromise in eating wild game. In our home, vegetarian is "Native American" for Bad Hunter. This year we have meat.
   I love eating wild game and wild caught fish. Elk meat has no antibiotics and no growth hormones. It is lean and is a lot better for your health than USDA approved beef or pork. 
    So far so good on the cancer front. My blood work is due soon and I will share the results when the labs come back. 
   Thank all of you for reading my blog. I am honored. Todd

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