Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Return to Masculinity!

  Boy and how. 
Last night I had a sex dream. The night before I had a sex dream. I swear to little baby Jesus it feels like going through puberty again. I tend to have spontaneous arousal at the most inconvenient times. “ Just like in high school”  ( “Mr. Seals, will you come to the front and work this problem out on the blackboard “) “ No thanks, I will take the zero”
   I have hoped for this day for a long time and now that it is here it’s just weird. I forgot what having libido is like. .
   I never received my testosterone results from my last appointment. I can only speculate that they have recovered somewhat. It’s either that, or in my case, a little goes a long way.
   I have been sleeping better but have been requiring less of it. Yesterday I worked 8 hours and then worked 4 hours on my truck.
   Sadly, body hair has not returned. As long as the hair on my head sticks around, I am fine with that. 
   There is hope that a man diagnosed with advanced PCa  can live a fairly normal life. Don’t give up hope. Stay Positive. 

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