Saturday, January 25, 2014


No, I am not running out of things to talk about. At least I don't think I am. So far this year has been mundane. I know we are only 3 weeks into the year but last year was such a whirlwind and we got so use to traveling that it seems like we are standing still at the moment. Maybe that is a good thing. 
    I had a bit of a scare tonight. Since starting Zytiga my weight has been dropping off at a steady pace. I actually lost weight on a cruise ship.  The weight loss seems to have stabilized at 150 pounds and over the last couple of weeks I actually put five pounds back on. Tonight when I stepped on the scale it read 144.2. I had lost 8 pounds in a week. As it turns out the battery in the scale was almost dead. After replacing the battery I was pleased to see the number was 153.8. That  made Mandy and I feel a whole lot better. Monday is P.S.A. and pomindranate infusion day. I liked it a lot better when I was only having blood tests every three months. It is just a little too much stress to deal with every single month. My doctor comes in and does a quick once over and listens to my lungs and says see you next month. Sometimes I feel like a number. 
    Over the last three weeks I worked every day but one. My two week check had 164 hours on it. I am really looking forward to having a couple of days off. I will finish the rest of this post tomorrow night. I am going to spend a little time with Mandy and Michaela.
   Today was a great day. Mandy and I slept in and then after morning coffee went for a walk down by the lake before returning to fix breakfast. After breakfast we went to town for a few things. When we got back we went for an eight mile bike ride. Afterward, I pressure washed the driveway while Mandy and Michaela shot hoops. It was good to just be home. The weather in Washington has been mild and dry. It has really been a strange winter. There is no snow. The snowmobiles are sitting on the trailer ready to go. I hope we get some snow soon. The reservoirs depend on the spring snow melt to fill them up. If we don't get some snow soon there is a good chance that the boat will be in the garage most of the summer. After dinner we went to Michaelas basketball game and then took her and her date to the dance. While they were at the dance, Mandy and I watched 42 the Jackie Roninson story. It was a very relaxing night.  Tomorrow we will kayak on the lake and spend another day relaxing and recharging our batteries. It feels good just to chillax once and a while.  I guess I really got use to my rock star status. It was fun. It was exciting. Now I am just bored.  Maybe I am running out of things to talk about. It would really suck to have to talk about cancer. I am sure I will have something to talk about on Tuesday when my bloodwork comes back. Until then . Todd