Sunday, March 2, 2014

In like a lion

   It is said that March roars in like a lion and goes out like a lamb. In the Pacific Northwest that means a gradual transition from cold rain to warm rain. The forecast called for rain or snow today with a steady stream of storms coming in off the ocean for the next week or better. Yesterday we took advantage of a fairly dry day to work outdoors on the deck and do yard clean-up. We have several large cedar and Douglas fir trees in the back yard and recent wind storms made a real mess of things. The burn pile from yesterday was still glowing red this morning when they called me in on a breakdown at work. I hate coming in on days off but it pays well and the work is really easy today. 
    We bought our home 6 years ago next month. After living in a ramshackle condemned double wide trailer for the first two years of our life together and struggling the entire time to get into a home, moving in was a dream come true. Our home was built in 1979 and a 24x24 family room was added on ten years later. The home was remodeled just before we purchased it but was obviously done on a tight budget using the cheapest materials available. After a couple years we set to work making it our own. It is small, 1550 sq. ft. but it is perfect for the three of us. Last year we ripped out the rotting wrap around deck and began the tedious job of replacement. I am a tight wad of sorts. I just can't bring myself to pay someone to do a job I can do myself. Over the years I have learned to do many different things. I am a novice carpenter, electrician, auto and diesel mechanic, mason, and a journeyman pipe fitter. I am also an expert roofer.  The only thing I won't do is drywall. I will hang the rock but I let the pro's finish it out. Beng called into work today paid for the deck wood we bought and installed yesterday. The new front window we ordered will be here next week so I imagine I will install the window and finish the hand rail on the deck next weekend. I have already decided to take Friday off and make it a three day weekend to finish the projects and have some much needed Todd and Mandy time. Retirement sounds better and better all the time.
   My Oncologist told me he would write a letter to Social Security and told me that going out on disability would go smoothly. His reasoning was simple. I am terminal. I have cancer in my bones. The work I do breaks down my body. After saying this, he urged me to keep working. He asked what I felt were pertinent questions. Where are your friends? What will you do to overcome boredom and give value to your life? He said he has seen too many retire too soon and feel they have nothing left to live for. Sigh!!!! I am tired of working but sadly, he is right. My friends are all working every day. Nobody would come hang out with me. Mandy would be at work all day. I would most likely go insane.
   They don't hand out instruction manuals with this crap. Prior to being pumped full of female hormones I wouldn't have read it anyway. After eight years of Lupron I would read it in detail. I get to go home to my wife in a half hour. I think the clock is slow. I will write more soon but for now, happy Sunday, todd