Monday, February 9, 2015

The games people play

Three years ago this May I recieved Provenge after fighting for it for six months. Why did I have to fight for it in the first place? I had to fight for it due to an article in the JNCI stating it was compared to a flawed placebo and wouldn't work. I often wonder how many men didn't get it because they wouldn't fight for it like I did. Three years later it seems nothing has changed. There are still people out there that want to see Provenge go away. Dendreon is being sold off to the highest bidder and people are happy about this. Wtf. I can only see one reason for this. It has to be that there are people out there who are going to make a ton of money. How sad. How much money is enough. What kind of people would dare profit by taking away hope from those who have none. I have written about this before but a recent comment about my last blog post( not on my blog) has peaked my ire. It seems today that the market is the almighty. I am so sick of it. . This post will be short but sweet. I needed to rant a little bit. 

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