Tuesday, February 10, 2015

West coast winter blues

    First of all, I would like to point out that I am not a global warming nut.  After saying that, I would like to add, that things are changing. People on the East Coast would probably be thrilled with the winter that we've had in Southwest Washington. It has been unusually mild. The mountain snowpack is the worst I have ever seen it. There is literally grass growing underneath the skilifts. Our snowmobiles have sat idle in the garage for over year now. Our snowboards hang on the wall. Mandy and I have gone snowshoeing twice this year. Both times were in November and truthfully we didn't need snowshoes as the snow was only about 6 inches deep. State hydrologists are forecasting low river levels this summer. They are not saying yet that we are in drought like conditions as we are getting plenty of precipitation it is simply falling as rain. During the hot summer months there will be no snowpack to keep the rivers flowing. Each night when I let the dog out to do his business the woods and wetlands surrounding our home are filled with the chorus of a myriad of frogs. Frogs in February. It doesn't seem possible. The Canadian geese have returned. There are nesting pairs everywhere around the lake. We have quite literally had only one week this winter of temperatures below freezing. Our home is near a lake and is surrounded by wetlands. The unusually warm winter means a really bad year for mosquitoes, fleas, hornets, and wasps. We had another winter like this back in the mid-80s. It's a cycle. Next year we will probably have record snowfall. Until then I guess we will just have to be content with warm weather outdoor sports.
I read an article yesterday saying that government is toying with the idea of cooling the planet by spraying sulphur pollution into the upper atmosphere. When will people realize that we are not in control. We tend to screw up everything we touch. I think we can all learn from the theme song of the Disney movie "Frozen" "Let it Go"

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