Thursday, July 9, 2015

Good morning

  Once again it has been a long time since I have written. I think the clock is spinning faster and faster every day. It's not that I am unable to write. When I sit down the words flow. I just haven't sat down. Maybe that is a good thing. I find that I am less and less focussed on the aspects of cancers affect on my life. There have been a few hiccups. My testosterone starved brain continues to be foggy. Monday last I could not remember if I took my medication 5 minutes after taking it and took it again. I felt funky the entire day after that one. Mandy said I need to get one of those plastic pill organizers so I won't forget. I hope it hasn't come to that yet. I am far too young to be turning into my grandfather. I am 2 weeks late for my Lupron shot.and still haven't found the motivation to go to the doctor. 
My oncologist ordered a bone density scan and when they called to schedule it I blew off returning the call. I am suppose to have an infusion of Zometa and I have not scheduled that either. Today is Thursday July, 9th. I am on vacation. Cancer can wait.
   We spent the past 6 days at our favorite lake with family and friends. It was so much fun. I attached my Go-Pro to the front of my ski. 
It was a unique perspective to say the least. I was skiing like a madman. I was as fearless as a 16 year old kid. The long hot summer has warmed the mountain lakes to a comfortable 74 degrees. Being in the water feels so good that wiping out is not an issue. Mandy thought I was going to wreck myself and she was correct. I hurt so good.
  We discovered a new game we call pirate tubing. I have never laughed so hard in my life. It is a game much like king of the hill only on the water and traveling at 20 mph.
We are all bruised and exhausted but it was so much fun that nobody really cared about the minor aches the next day.
My granddaughters came home from Florida and spent the weekend with us. Madison just turned 5 and insisted on holding the orange flag. She did a great job.
   It was an awesome 4th of July vacation. We are home now. Mandy returned to work yesterday. I am still in my pj's and robe. I still have 4 days left. I think I need it to recover. I just walked out to the garage and looked at the boat. It is suppose to be 90+ degrees today. We might have to go back up to the lake. 

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