Sunday, December 15, 2019

First PSA Since restarting treatment

I have been putting off having a PSA and other blood work for a month now. I think maybe my psyche was consumed with what if. What if treatment didn’t work? It has been a long time disincentive I felt that way. Two days ago I sucked it up and drove to the cancer center. I shouldn’t have worried. In 3 months since restarting treatment my PSA fell once again to undetectable levels. So did my Testosterone. I miss it. Man do I ever miss it!! Oh well. I haven’t had any side effects from treatment except for loss of Libido. I guess I’m doing okay. 
   A lot has happened disincentivized I last wrote in my blog. Hunting season came and went. I have a freezer full of venison and elk. It is also full of halibut and salmon. I guess we will be eating good this year. 
   I had shoulder surgery a couple weeks ago to clean up a rotator tear and some bone spurs. Currently I am a house husband until late January. I am kind of bored but I am making myself enjoy this. I don’t get much time off work.
   My daughters and granddaughters are here for Christmas. It will be good to spend time with them. I hope you all have the Merriest of Christmas and the happiest New Year. 


  1. Hi Todd

    Good to hear from you - very glad that your PSA dropped back down so reliably! It never gets old, that uneasy feeling before taking the test, doesn't it ;-)

    I'm sure those results took a massive weight off your shoulders. Perfect timing, now you can truly enjoy the holiday season with your family.

    As always, thanks for sharing your experience. For us guys who had a very very similar diagnosis at a very similar age like you it's extremely valuable to get your updates - much appreciated!

    Thanks again - and Happy Holidays.

    Best, m.

  2. Todd, Very nice post, sorry to hear about the libido. The greatest of PSA results again...someone I know claimed that for you...hmmm ..oh-Wings!!! Enjoy your time off, and your hunter bounty, and enjoy your family, hug them at every opportunity. Did I ever tell you that I envy you, I do. Also did I ever tell you that you are my are, ...I know borrowed that from the song...just like are the wind beneath my Wings..of Eagles!! Love you Bro Say hey to Mindy-Superwoman.
    With Love for ya my brother, Dan (and Rose)to the

  3. Oops typo again! meant to say say hello to Mandy!!! Dan and Rose

  4. Todd, George from southern Nevada. Can you elaborate a bit on your typical daily diet?
    Things have really taken off for us late stagers, since the advent of Provenge.
    Provenge + Xtandi seems to be the top of the heap treatment after ADT begins to fail.
    Today anyways...
    However, with Indoximod and Ipilimumab coming on board a few yrs for bone metastatic guys, the "anti-tgf-b" + ipilimumab recently discovery that it halts metastasis. ARE WE CLOSE TO THE CURE?
    I will go on a limb and say, "Prostate Cancer will be cured by 2027.

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  6. At first Diagnosis my diet changed dramatically. In many ways it is still much different than before cancer. We eat almost entirely organic. We eat very little beef or pork. We eat meat but I am a hunter. Our freezer is full of Venison, Elk, wild caught fish, and crab. I use to worry a lot about diet. Now I just do t care. I have never seen where radical diet changes effect cancer outcomes to the degree that it matters. I eat to feel good. We drink a bottle of wine a week. I drink beer. I have gotten to the point where I believe enjoying my time on earth is far more important than the time spent on earth. Do what you want. Eat what you want. I am not wired to be vegan or vegetarian. I Don’t believe in a lot of supplements. I take calcium and vitamin D. I use to take a lot of Pau D’ Arco. Not so much anymore. Zytiga and prednisone tend to lower my potassium level so I drink Gatorade like drinks to keep that up. That’s it guys.