Thursday, April 16, 2015

The renewal

   The ocean stretched to the eastern horizon. Mandy and I stood alone atop a cliff awaiting the sunrise. Today is our last day of vacation. Our time in paradise is almost over. I am sad but the trip has been amazing. 
The highlight of our trip came on Friday. A good friend I had never met until this week treated us to a seven hour catamaran trip up the Nepali coast and out to the forbidden Island Niihau for a once in a lifetime snorkeling adventure. On our 7 hour 100 mile adventure we saw humpback whales, schools of spinner Dolphins, sea turtles, monk seals, and a million fish of all sizes and colors. We were able to share the day with Mandy's cousin and her boyfriend who she had not seen in 25 years. At the end of the day when I downloaded my gopro pictures and video, I was pleasantly surprised to find I had captured the sound of the whales singing. It was a wonderful day. It was a wonderful vacation shared with family and friends. Threwout the week we hiked and swam and explored. We watched sun rises and sun sets and had our fair share of Mai tai's. On our last day we rented surf boards and spent 6 hours trying to catch a few waves. We spent that evening applying aloe to our sunburned skin.
The sun has set on our last day in paradise. I do not wish to go home but We are leaving the islands refreshed and renewed. We are already planning our next trip to Hawaii. This time perhaps we will visit the big Island. I am a firm believer that Hawaii is truly, GFMPH.