Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Another New Chapter Begins.

   2017 begins a new chapter in my journey. I have been with Kaiser Permanente exclusively since my journey began 127 months ago. As of New Years Day I have new insurance and a new oncologist. There is still much to do and many unanswered questions. Kaiser was like Walmart in some regards. Everything was in one location. Appointments were easy. Typically, I would arrive half an hour early, have blood drawn at the lab, and by the time I saw the doctor, my test results were back. On my way out the door, I would pick up my prescriptions and head home. 5 hours later my PSA results would be posted online.
   I have a new oncologist. He is one of the best in the country. That is all I have. I need to find a PCP and a Urologist. Where do my labs get drawn? Where do I get prescriptions?  How do I find out lab results? Where do I get infusions? So many questions! Frankly, I lack the motivation to seek out the answers. I am so tired of cancer. I am tired of doctors and needle sticks and the uncertainty that comes with a cancer diagnosis. 
  I suppose my questions will all be answered in time but as with everything else regarding this disease, the trepidation exists only in that which is in the shadows. That is, after all, where the monsters lurk.

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