Friday, January 6, 2017

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner

   My blog received the honor of best prostate cancer blog 2016 by
   I'm not sure it is an honor I deserve but I am grateful for the recognition. There are many others who deliver current pertinent information more effectively than I. My blog is just a story. It is my wish that it inspires others to hopefulness. If my writing can help just one person than it has achieved its purpose. 
   Thank everyone for reading. There are many times I don't have anything to say so I don't write. I pray that cancer becomes so mundane that I never have to talk about it again. Wouldn't that be awesome? To never have to talk about cancer in a blog about living with cancer! 
   I hope everyone is having a great start to 2017. Tick tick tick tick tick! Do something today worth living for.

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