Tuesday, January 24, 2017

That's a wrap

Dendreon and Cadient invaded our home Saturday to finish filming the video project started last weekend in Las Vegas. I am certain I understand how aquarium fish feel. 
    To take advantage of morning sunlight, we began with B-roll filming. I felt a little strange walking through the neighborhood carrying my fishing pole and tackle box and being followed by a camera crew. All the neighbors had to come out and watch. I ended the morning with a country song stuck in my head. "Everybody dies famous in a small town" 
   After shooting some B-Roll footage we filmed the interview portion. I think it went pretty well. The entire interview segment lasted an hour and then we moved on to more B-Roll stuff. After 7 hours of filming, we were done. Our home had been put back together and Mandy and I were alone.

  I look forward to seeing the finished product. 

   For me, the entire Provenge experience has been amazing. The people of Dendreon are a great bunch of good hearted people. The process of receiving the treatment was relatively easy. The side effects were minimal and I cannot complain about the outcome. I have an ongoing relationship with many of the Dendreon staff but that no way effects my opinion or advocation of the treatment. To put it simply, it's good stuff.
I received my first Provenge treatment in May of 2012. I completed the therapy June 1, 2012. Within hours of my final Provenge infusion, we bought a new boat. I believed I would have a future to enjoy it.
We have spent nearly all of our free time on it for 5 straight summers. Yesterday, after 10 years and 8 months of fighting the beast, I saw a new oncologist at Providence Cancer Center in Portland, Oregon. He is brilliant, professional, and is considered one of the best in the Nation. He was optimistic and feels that receiving Provenge again, may be beneficial to my overall survival. Blood was drawn for a PSA test at a new lab. Today my results were posted online. My current PSA is less than 0.01 Based on this new information and optimism for a future, we may just have to pull the trigger on this sweet ride.
Isn't she a beauty. 
Well maybe not. We love our boat. Time will tell but one thing is certain. Time is a luxury I can afford. God bless all of you for reading and following.......Todd