Monday, June 26, 2017

Snake oil and the traveling medicine show

   Did you ever see the episode of Little House on the Prairie where the snake oil salesman came to town pedaling a tonic the cures everything? That used to be one of my favorite episodes. I couldn't believe people could be misled so easily!
   Cancer is a serious disease and it matters not which form rears its ugly head. Medical science is making huge advances in the treatment of cancer. I also believe that there are supplements out there that effectively aid in the fight against cancer. Still, it amazes me, that the traveling medicine show is still alive and well today. I read a book one time about A woman who had supposedly cured all types of cancer. She cited case studies of a number of patients she had claimed to have cured. The irony is that none of the patients that had been cured were ever diagnosed with cancer by an actual medical doctor. She diagnosed the disease and cured it. There were a couple of cases where the patient had actually been diagnosed cancer by a medical doctor prior to seeking out this woman and her alternative medicine but they left the study. I wonder why? Another book I once read claimed that eating 3 almonds a day could prevent cancer and often cure it. I would laugh but it's not funny. People believe this crap and die because of it. Another alternative theory claims that a vegan diet and coffee enemas will cure cancer. It seems people will believe anything!
    Little House on the Prairie was depicted in the mid-1800s and yet here we are today almost 200 years later and people are still playing the same old con game. Recently my blog has been inundated with so called testimonies of people who have sought out alternative medicine and have been miraculously cured of cancer, Hepititis C, HIV, and other serious health issues. I love it when people leave comments but these people (robots) are really starting to piss me off. This blog was created to share my story and provide hope to those who find it. It is not for con artists to prey on people who are at a vulnerable point in their life It does no good to ask them to leave. They don't care about people. They care only about profit.
    For those of you who find this blog please note that comments from others citing miracle cures are not endorsed by me.

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