Monday, August 26, 2013

Im so much older than 20

I love the mtv show ridiculous. At the age of 49 I should be smarter then the people on that show but I guess I am not. I wrote about the rope swing at Riffe lake in the letting go post. Saturday I should have let go.  I misjudged my distance and was not sure I would swing out far enough to hit the deep water so I held on for the return trip. Mistake.....big mistake..... huge!!!
I slammed into the side of the cliff full speed...chest first....and bounced down the bank to the shoreline. The segment "mansquirrel comes to mind.

Once again there were no video cameras. My daughter and her friend were too busy laughing and sweet wife was having a bought of tourhetres syndrome as she swatted a small swarm of overly curious honeybees that were convinced she needed pollinated. I was wearing a wet suit and a life jacket so I consider myself lucky not to have crushed my chest.. I still think I have some cracked ribs.
   I am at the doctors office this morning. My cough has worsened and I now have a fever of 100.5 average. I saw the chest xray. God I hope it is only pneumonia. The slides were kind of blotchy.
    My daughter says....
Y.O.L.O. ( you only live once)  I think it is true but be prepared for a little pain when you play like a teen.
The nurse just did my vital's. He was impressed. I sure get tired of seeing the Doctor.
    I will try to post some pics from the weekend later today. Y.O.L.O. Todd

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