Sunday, September 22, 2013

My favorite things about fall

Windy days and falling leaves provide the most entertaining form of spousal competition Mandy and I could dream up. " Leaf Catching "For some reason Mandy derives great satisfaction competing with me but only if she wins. Everything is competition. Foosball, dart, kayaking, biking, etc. they are all forms of competition. Five years ago we invented leaf catching. Oh it is a game that has been played by countless others, of this I am certain. Mandy however, takes it to a new level. We chase  after falling leaves shoving them in our pockets until we are both out of breathe and exhausted from running and laughter. Last year she turned it into a contact sport. She has yet to beat me. Have I ever mentioned that she keeps me young.

As the mountain air turns colder the Roosevelt elk begin to rut. The high pitched bugle's make the hair stand up on the back of your neck. Thirty miles up the highway from me is the home of the Mt. St. Helens elk herd. I know of nowhere else where a person can find a greater population of mature branched antler bull elk. Hiking in this area is so awesome during the rut.

Hunting season, fishing season, watching the Seahawks on Sunday morning. Digging clams at the coast. A cold morning a warm fire and a hot cup of coffee.

I love this time of year so much. I love the beauty of the hillsides. I love being at the coast as the huge storm driven waves crash over the rocks. It's true that after a while the grey sky wears on me but fall is such as awesome time of year.

Amanda and I just closed the deal on a.camper for our Dodge truck. We will miss our roomy trailer that has given us 4 amazing summers but it is just not practical anymore. We are now looking forward to going up to the south side of Mt. St. Helens and camping with the snow mobiles.  I have a picture in my.mind of 3-6' of snow and the three of us chillax in the camper with a crock pot full of home made chilli. I have been waiting five days since approval and still I don't have buyers regret. I think this one just feels right.

Amanda applied for her passport today. The Caribbean is a mere 2 months away.

I have not heard much from my Dendreon family lately. I hope they have me visit again. I was so touched by the people I met and their dedication to the patient.  It's funny but I miss them. They have blessed me so much though in the last year that I can't imagine any more awesome stuff will be coming my way. I wish I could do more. I wish I could tell every man fighting this disease how amazing of a medication Provenge is.

I want every man fighting this disease to feel as good as I do. Maybe one day the truth will no longer be shadowed by the overpowering volume of lies.
How.many men will die before then.

I dont know how I got on my soap box about the merits of provenge but it is time to

Enjoy the beauty of the season.