Saturday, September 28, 2013

Good morning

Lately my writing feels stagnant. I don't know why except for we have been couch potatoes for a few weeks. Everything we do feels forced Mandy wishes we could be bears. It would be so awesome to hibernate.  I am in my recliner beside the fire drinking coffee as my family sleeps. The fire feels good.  There is a storm coming. The wind is blowing  at a pretty good clip. The weather service predicts 5"-10" of rain. I am glad we live on a hill. That is a lot of rain.
There is not much happening on the cancer front. Zytiga is still making me sick. It is tolerable however and most mornings I keep my breakfast on the inside. It is weird what we tolerate to survive.  I never thought daily nausea would be the norm in my life but then again I never thought I would be okay with being an Enoch. 

Yesterday we took a leap of faith. Going into debt is always a hard thing for us to do. If I die what will happen to Mandy. Her attitude is that life does not come with a guarantee so we are going to have a good time while we are here. My thoughts are a little different. I kind of feel like the more toys in the toy box equate to more lures in the tackle box to catch herself a new husband when I get sick of fighting this crap. ........Okay that's morbid and y'all might not see the humor in it as I do. Anyway, yesterday we brought this thing home. I have wanted one my entire life. This year we will be camping in the snow and snowmobiling day and night. No reservations required. Oh and we can also tow the boat behind this baby. We traded our travel trailer in on it. We took a beating on the trade but the trailer was starting to fall apart. I would never again buy an R.V. made by heartland. They are not a company that stands behind the quality of their craftsmanship.

    It is time to log off. I need to go put air bags on the Dodge.  The camper is heavy.... Y.O.L.O.