Sunday, October 20, 2013

A little intimacy.

We just got back from the beach. Mandy and I have not been alone together in well over a month. Having a 15 year old sharing the room next door is challenging. Saturday morning we were suppose to wake up early, load the camper, buy groceries, drop off the daughter and head to the beach for a little us time and some razor clam digging.

 This is how it really went:

Good morning honey,

Good morning....... What time is it?.... I don't know, my eyes are stuck together.... hold on.... Oh crap., it is 9:15

I got the Camper thrown onto the truck in record time, threw some clothes in a backpack, grabbed the dog and we were off. We dropped off the daughter and headed to Fred Meyer for groceries. We were only an hour behind schedule. Dang it.... Mandy, we gotta go back home. Why? I left the rocket fuel in the fridge. (code name for trimix). No.... we are not going back for it. Okay, I don't think I need it.

I DIDN'T NEED IT. That comes later

We made it to the beach and ordered a pizza and bought a couple bottles of wine. The pizza would be delivered to our campsite in two hours so we took advantage of a beautiful day to ride our bikes and drink wine on the beach.
What a wonderful time together. We rode and laughed and drank and laughed some more. At times we laughed until the tears ran down our cheeks. The pizza came at 5:30 and it was so delicious. After that we went clamming and then for a sunset walk on the beach. I have included a few pics.
This was our campsite
 Walking through the tide-pools at the hollow
It was an amazing sunset. We held hands and walked together. There was no place either of us would have rather been. After sunset we returned to our campsite for more wine, a warm campfire and a heated game of cribbage..... Mandy won....
By the time 10 o'clock rolled around we were exhausted. I don't remember my head hitting the pillow. Neither does Mandy.

We had to wait until this morning for "us" time. After that we rode bicycles along the beach for 10 miles played air hockey and drank peanut butter milkshakes. It was an amazingly fun weekend that recharged our batteries.

Many of my friends have commented on my last post. To them, I say thank you. I will never give up, nor will I ever back down. Sometimes I do feel sad. Sometimes!!!

My friends are right. Mandy and I are as close as two people could ever be. This weekend much intimacy was shared, and only a small percentage of it was physical. It is our oneness that makes our togetherness so good. Even if it happens less than we would like, it is that much more special when it does.

I hope I have not gagged y'all Talk to you later, Todd