Saturday, June 8, 2013

Seven years

On Thursday June 6th I achieved a milestone without realizing it until just this morning. As of last Thursday it has been 7 years since diagnosis. It amazes me how quickly time has passed. I will turn 50 this year. I don't know how it happened. I may invite the doctors who told me I would be dead 6 years ago to the party.
   I see my Oncologist on Monday and get an infusion that helps keep my bones strong the same day. So far he is the only Kaiser Oncology Doctor I have not fired. He is a good one. I will present some of trial data presented at A.S.C.O. regarding a Provenge booster dose and see if I can get him on board with it. I believe he is there already but he needs to get the oncology board at k.p. on board as well. I get so tired of things always being about money. If I was independently wealthy I would just have a doctor prescribe it and be done with it. It doesn't work that way in the blue collar world in which I live. Last year my bride and I were facing a rising p.s.a. and evergrowing symptoms of disease progression and we were told that I was too young for Provenge to be effective. I was also told I was excluded because of lung metastasis. It was all a bunch of crap. In a heated argument with my former oncologist he flat out told me it was a waste of resources. (Translation,  Provenge costs too much)  I have not spoken to him since that day except to send him an email after my third infusion. It was to the point but childish. It read as follows. Nah Nah NahNah Nah.
  I honestly don't understand how anyone could say Provenge costs too much. Is it really that much cheaper to pump a cancer patient full of poison every three weeks. Chemo will always be an option but to me it will be a drug of last resort.
   I will pray each day for a cure. I doubt it will happen. Why cure something for a one time fee that you can treat for years and years keeping the profits flowing.
   What is the value of life? Is there a Kelly Blue Book somewhere that sets the value of a human life?
   I wish I didn't feel this way. I wish I believed that a cure for cancer was coming.

I don't.