Tuesday, June 4, 2013

I love my life!!!

What an amazing weekend. The sun finally came out and allowed us to take off our sweatshirts. Mandy and I took the opportunity to walk to the river. The south Toutle river is a true wild river. It also is a very pretty river. Every time we walk along it's banks we see wildlife. We routinely see otter, beaver, deer and other animals. Saturday I found a pocket knife sitting  close to these alder trees. I took it to mean that carving our initials into one of them was meant to be.

Later that same day a good friend of ours called from the A.S.C.O. conference in Chicago to let me know that I am famous. As he was walking through the exhibits he found this Provenge brochure with my picture on it. I guess I really am the face of Provenge. Our friend at Dendreon was so funny when she said "you told me you always wanted to be famous" All in all it has been a wonderful few days. I always feel better when the sun comes out. The grey sky's get  me down and make me feel like hibernating all winter and spring. We might even think about moving somewhere where the sun shines all the time but the truth is, this is home. It has always been home. I have lived in other places and I have visited many places but I get soooo home sick when I am away. Florida was great. We didn't like Washington D.C. I really liked Atlanta too but Dorothy said it best. There is no place like home.
    The sun is out right now and will be for at least the next week. I think sitting at the computer is way over rated.
    Oh by the way.... about the cancer. I dropped the cassodex 5 days ago and I feel really good. Other than that I have no new information. Next Monday I go in to get an infusion of bone medicine. It seems that 7 years on Lupron has had a slightly adverse affect on my bones. I will also see my doctor then. Go outside people. Love your partner in this crazy life whoever he or she may be. Ride a bike. Go for a hike. Life was not meant to be spent looking at a 21 inch screen. Todd