Monday, June 17, 2013

Stay positive

Stay positive is the mantra of a very good friend of mine. He is a fellow Pca survivor.  He will soon be coming up on 5 years undetectable. I hope he is one of the cured. He deserves it like no other. Long story short.....great guy.

Lately my posts have been more to the glass half empty side of things. That really isn't me at all. I do wear my emotions on my shirt sleaves most of the time so my posts are a reflection of my current emotional state, however even when there is very little to be excited about, I still manage to find joy in some part of the situation. Lately that has not been the case and for that I am sorry.

Yesterday was father's day. I was surprised by a visit from my daughter, her husband, and two of my six granddaughters. Malaia and Madison are beautiful.  I am prejudice but they are beautiful none the less. The first word out of their mouths were "Papa can we go for a ride in your boat " AWESOME.

I grew up on the water. I have been piloting some form of water craft since I was about ten years old. From the age of 12 I spent every weekend of every summer waterskiing.  I wanted my own kids to share in my love of boating and water sports but a divorce in my early thirties put an end to that plan. My grand kids are another matter. They have been on the water since learning to walk. My adult children are starting to dig it too.

Today is Monday. 4 and 1/2 more days until we vacation in northern Idaho. We rented a cabin in Sandpoint along the shores of Lake Pend Orielle. We will Ski and tube and I will drink many cervasa's around the campfire. We will mountain bike the Hiawatha trail and spend a day on the roller coasters at Silverwood. Not a bad week for a guy who was suppose to be dead 6 years ago.

Stay positive and live every day. Todd