Thursday, June 6, 2013

The People of Dendreon

In the last year I have been so fortunate to meet and bond with many of the wonderful people at Dendreon. For those who do not know Dendreon, they are the makers of Provenge, the first of it's kind, Prostate cancer vaccine. A year ago June 1st I received the last of my 3 Provenge infusions and at that time I thought I was done with folk from Dendreon. I was wrong. Last December a bunch of them invaded our home for 9 hours and made us all feel like movie stars. What an amazing and wonderful experience. I have had the privilege of traveling to both of the Provenge manufacturing facilities as well as attending a cooperate function in Florida. Each person I have met has a story of why they do what they do. They do it because they actually care. They have watched family members and friends lose the battle. They believe in the work they do and they get up each day because they desire to make a difference in the lives of the men who are fighting this disease. Were it prudent to name names I would do so in a heartbeat. Each man and woman deserves recognition for the work they do. Are they making a difference? I would have to say yes they are! I say a collective thank you to all of them. I know that many people say it doesn't work or it is not worth the cost. To that I say baloney. Guy's, do not believe the nay sayer's. I feel amazing. I am healthy and living my life out loud. If you are hormone refractory and have metastasis you should demand Provenge 1st. Demand it before zytiga and xtandy and definitely before chemo. This drug is the real deal. Well I am off to band rehearsal. We are playing the 4th of July celebration and headlining the show. Todd