Tuesday, July 9, 2013


Last Sunday, I felt a slight twinge in my back just before bed. I didn't think much of it at the time, after all I had went water skiing the day before and I mowed the yard and detailed both my wife's car and my truck, and washed the travel trailer earlier that day. I also went on a 10 mile bicycle ride. My back was entitled to hurt a little right? I woke up Monday morning and it was a bit more than a twinge and by days end it was dropping me to my knees every time I would move wrong. The on staff nurse at my work thought I might have a kidney stone. This morning I lasted at work a whole hour before I left to see my doctor. It seems I strained the primary muscle group on the right side of my back which it turns out is a very painful ordeal. I now have a large bottle each of pain pills (hydrocodone) and muscle relaxers and strict orders not to work the rest of the week. I'm all for having time off work and getting better but no work equals no pay. Amanda and I do not live paycheck to paycheck we can actually miss one every now and then. lol Trouble is we are just getting back from vacation and this could not have come at a worse time. We will get through it but I hate it when things like this happen. It just sucks that I am not able to count on my body holding up to the abuse I give it. I wish it had been a kidney stone. At least needing to pass a stone wouldn't imply that I am getting old. Getting old sucks but it beats the alternative.
      I was contacted by the folks at Dendreon this week. I will be taking an active roll in a patient to patient information sharing sight called healthtalker. They have read my blog and a lot of my posts at healingwell.com and thought I would be a good fit. Well I am feeling a bit woozy right now so I will say good night and leave y'all with a photo I took of my Black Lab (Cash....the dog in black)
It doesn't even look like a photograph to me. Maybe I am just amazed because usually I take terrible pictures. He is a handsome boy isn't he. Regards, Todd