Friday, July 19, 2013

Where was the camera

Last night my band played for the community fair in the small town where I grew up. We do it every year and it is always a great time. Last night there was a special needs young man in the crowd. I am no expert but I assume he had downs syndrome. We rarely special needs people in the crowd, but when we do I always try to give them just a little bit of attention. It takes so little to make them smile and feel important and yet so many people simply look away. Do we fear imperfection? Anyway, this young man with downs syndrome is having a great time so I unplugged an d headed for the stairs to the stage. It was my intent to get up front and personal with him and do a little rock and rollin. As I stepped off the stage at a brisk trot my boot sank in a mole hole sending myself and my guild accoustic flying ass over tea kettle. I protected my guitar by shielding it from the ground with my body. I bounced a couple times and quickly got to my feet but it was clear from the peels of laughter that our concert had turned into a comedy show. I still did some strumming and singing with my new friend but I did it while blushing and grinning from ear to ear. He and I had a great time and after a minute I returned to the stage to end the song and get a fresh guitar. I also said something about making sure there was a crowd to catch me next time I decided to stage dive..WHERE WERE THE CAMERAS. I could of won the funniest home videos. My sweet Mandy Rose was laughing to tears. After the show the young man and his mom came up to talk and it was clear I had made an impression on him. He was elated and his mom said it was something he would never forget.
     It is so easy to bring joy to others. All we have to do is step aside from self and embrace the feelings of those around us. We must first be willing to open our eyes though. I have terminal cancer but I have been blessed with such an amazing life. Even so it is worth nothing unless I can give it away. Would it not be an amazing world if we could all give just a tiny amount more than we take? I want my life however much longer it may be to have depth and strong moral fiber. It always comes back. No matter how much we give away we always have more. It is a universal law and it is a good one. I encourage you all to try. Give something of yourself away each and every day and see how quickly the well fills up. I hope y'all have a terrific weekend. Todd