Tuesday, July 30, 2013

P.S.A. Time

It has been a month since I was to suppose to have my blood drawn for a P.S.A. Once again I have been in ostrich mode. If I don't get a blood test my numbers won't be up. Maybe if I don't get a blood test I won't have cancer anymore. The truth is I don't care if the numbers are up or down I am just tired of this disease. There are so many treatments out there and I have barely scratched the surface of what is available that I only fear dying of this disease on rare occasions. I just get sick and tired of being sick. The A.U.A. is recommending that men no longer be screened for Prostate cancer. They say there are too many men being over treated. Maybe it's true, I don't know but I do know that if our healthcare system follows these guidelines there will be a lot more men like me who will never have the opportunity to be cured. What I wouldn't give to have had the option to be cured. I hope that one day a cure comes. I hope for the sake of my sons and my grandsons that they cure this lousy disease. I have lost some really good friends in the last few years. The beast didn't give them a chance. Most of them were way too young to die of Pca. There will be many more to come if the screenings stop. There will be many more children without fathers and wives without their husbands. I am angry people. I am angry that people who are not walking in our shoes have been given the power to make ultimately life and death decisions for us. Would they feel that men have been over treated if they were the ones who received the late stage diagnosis. I think not. When will we men wake up? If they had said this about brwast cancer the streets would be filled with pink ribbons.
    This is all I have time for today. Todd

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  1. I knew a few men that told me that they'd never have a PSA test because they were afraid of over treatment. Then when they found out I have PC, they all started to tell me they just got themselves tested. I don't understand how the A.U.A managed to link screening with over treatment. Hard for me to believe there is a causal link - ie screen causes over treatment.

    Over treatment is the result of fear, ignorance and greed not screening. The PSA test is greatly misunderstood.

    But like you, I hope someday that there will be a cure and that our sons won't suffer as we have.